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Tourism Consulting

A\V ASESORES helps most of Spanish Regional Governments and the main tourism associations in the development of regulations for the tourism sector, mainly in the field of ski and mountain resorts.

Likewise, our Firm provides Customer Advocay Service and develops quality improvement plans for some of the main Spanish tourism companies.

A\V ASESORES prepares strategic tourist development studies for public institutions, entities and associations.

We help small and medium enterprises improve their marketings strategies, by  providing advice on how to define new products and services, search for the most adequate marketing channels, identify new customer segments and improve their social networking positioning.

  • Development of regulations for tourism-related activities.
  • Characterisation and systematisation of tourism company user complaints.
  • Provision of Customer Advocay Service for tourism companies.
  • Development of quality improvement plans for tourism companies.
  • Preparation of strategic tourism development studies.
  • Comparative law studies.
  • Design of individual and joint marketing plans and strategies for tourism companies.

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