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Foreign Trade

Legal advice on foreign trade activities. Our legal advice aims at avoiding that our customers, active exporting companies, have to pursue collection of unpaid sums from debtors located thousands of kilometers away and therefore, we provide ongoing advice throughout the negotiation process of their foreign trade operations; we help them standardize all their international commercial documents (proforma invoices, general terms & conditions of sale, order confirmations), international sales, distributorship or agency agreements; and we also provide in-company training to their foreign trade staff concerning international negotiation, risk management and international payments. We check, negotiate and monitor every contract, anticipating the potential risks arising out of the sector, the country and the political and legal environment of our customers ‘suppliers and clients. If conflict arises, we try to have it settled through negotiation and when this is no longer possible, our network of foreign collaborators allows us offer legal advice through a local practice.

Consultancy for internationalisation projects. We help those businesses aiming at expanding their activity to foreign markets, plan their strategy through a customized internationalisation plan tailored to reach their targets, which allows them make the most of their human and financial resources, avoiding time waste and false moves. We create value, by providing your company a practical and easy-to use methodology that can be used in different markets and by training your foreign trade staff to avoid the main risky situations.


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