How we can help you

Tourism consulting

If you are a SME in the tourism sector:

  • We can help you develop an efficient marketing strategy allowing you attract new customers, by using low-cost marketing tools.
  • We can help you improve your Internet positioning and make the most of your presence in social networks. 

If you are a large tourism company:
We can either implement and manage your Customer Service as an outsourcer, or supply a tailored methodology to have it managed internally. 

If you are a tourism association:

  • We can help you professionalize your business through specialized training on attracting new customers, improving your marketing strategy or your customer service, among many others.
  • ¿Would you like to expand your market but don´t know how to make it? We can teach you how to use business co-operation to create synergies to make the most of your resources. 
  • We can guide you in the process of founding business associations for the joint production, promotion or distribution of goods and services.

If you are a public institution or a governing body:

  • We help you define your marketing, quality or dynamization plans, defining and standardizing your tourism products.
  • We organize “Fam Trips” to promote tourism resources in your region among national and international opinion leaders (media, tour operators..).
  • We can help you empower tourism companies in your region through customized training+consultancy pills.
  • We elaborate Compared-Law reports to assess the way in which other countries have regulated a tourism business sector or activity. 
  • We can prepare draft bills on tourism matters. 


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