How we can help you

Support to business start-ups

If you are an entrepreneur…

  • We help you define and start-up your business project.
  • We provide advice to achieve differential market placement for your product/service.
  • We help you define your targets and goals, your business strategy and an action plan. 
  • We help you define your marketing strategy.

If you have already started-up your business…

  • Our coaching Team guarantees on-going improvement, by helping you define and monitor your targets.
  • We undertake a business diagnosis of your company to propose improvement guidelines.
  • We help you develop new business areas and update the existing ones.
  • We offer on-going legal and marketing advice.

If you are a public body or institution…
A\V ASESORES has been a pioneer in the design and management of public virtual advisory services, such as  and, and therefore, we can help you design and manage other innovative public programmes. 


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